You’ve probably seen these pictures around already, but I wanted to post some more My Little Pony pics from our photoshoot! 

"Miss Cupcake", a small cupcake shop in Paris, was kind enough to allow us to invade the place with our rainbow-colored ponies! As a thank you, we bought a lot of cupcakes and had brunch right after the shoot, which was simply delicious!

The photos were taken by my boyfriend Meian Photo, with:

myself as Rarity
Lex as Twilight Sparkle
Lynah as Fluttershy
Ally as Pinkie Pie
Lexi as Rainbow Dash
Quineapple as AppleJack

Twilight and Rarity are wearing ears made by Yaya Han 


An old colleague stopped by the studio last week and brought in someone special - a custom Daring Doo figure modeled after Lara. She’s ready for action with that little axe of hers. :D

Two of my favorite things together!! So cute!


Poniiiiiiiiiiiiiiies \o/

Some pics from our MLP photoshoot, made in a super cute cupcake store :3

These gorgeous photos are made by Meian Photography

And the lovely ponies are : 

Rainbow Dash - Lexi Farron Strife Cosplay
Fluttershy - Lynah 
Applejack - Quineapple
Twilight Sparkle - Lex
Pinkie Pie - Ally Cosplay
Rarity - Luce Cosplay

It was SO COOOOOL (and the upcakes were DAYUUUMMMM)


First shots of our My Little Pony inspired photoshoot yesterday! ^O^

Lex: Twilight Sparkle
Lexi: Rainbow Dash
Ally: Pinkie Pie
Quineapple: Applejack
Lynah: Fluttershy
myself: Rarity

Photos taken by my boyfriend Meian Photography
Ears and horn by Yaya Han

gnnnnnn love this!!!!

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The end of 2013 is near, and I just wanted to make a compilation of the few costumes that I’ve done this year, to give me some motivation to make better ones in 2014! ;)

2013 was mostly the year of badass warriors, fighters and heroes. Next year I want to get a chance to be a lady a bit more often :p And I want to work on more elaborate designs as well, to challenge myself!

What are your cosplay plans for 2014? :)

And mooooar Kryptonians! Me as Supergirl, with Jonathan as Superman. 

Taken last Sunday at Paris Comics Expo by Julien Rico and One Pics.

I have worn this costume so many times already… I think I’ll retire it soon (and maybe work on a new version of SG later!).